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Mobile strike – sure winning in mission

Since the childhood, everyone loves to play video games.  Earlier there was no smart gadget available to play games. But with the advancement of technology is possible to play lots of games without paying anything for them. Big companies are also making sophisticated phones in which you can do lots of things without any hassle of paying separately. There are lots of things which you can do with your android phone at present like listening to good music, watching videos, banking, net surfing, chatting, and playing games. However, there are lots of games popular for different reasons but mission games are very special like Mobile Strike.

Special VIP mission – mobile strike

The mobile strike is a wonderful mission game which you can play on your mobile phone for some stages without paying anything for that. Mobile strike game is also very popular for an advertising campaign.  Superstar of Hollywood like Arnold Schwarzenegger is presented as a commander which is quite interesting. The difficulty level of the game is also divided according to the mission.  You can simply make the different categories of the missions like daily missions, weekly mission, and VIP mission. The victory will be yours in the battle if you are able to cross these missions successfully.

Reward points – mobile strike

For every victory, you have chances to win beautiful rewards like gem and gold in the game. You can also use them to buy other things because they are just like the currency of the game. In were generally your victory depends on your resources and same concept is taken by mobile strike. When you make proper strategies you will have to take a good care about the effective strategies. In rewards, you also get some resource to be in a better position in your next mission.

How win in missions?

For winning in different mission types you can reward according to difficulty level like basic mission type, common mission type etc. So the levels of item awards are directly related to the type of mission. You can also play this game with your friends by making an alliance with them.  There are different types of chances given to you like daily chances and alliance chances. You must be able to utilize them properly. For the safer side, you should not spend all the chances just in one go. It is better to use only the small percentage of the given chances at one time and save the rest for the next time. It will provide you more chance to fight the battle.

You must also keep this in mind that only after completing a mission you can collect it. The mission will be remaining until you do collection but be alert because you can not be replaced the uncollected mission.  VIP mission is also the center of the attraction in Mobile strike game. You can simply start and collect VIP mission by turning on the VIP switch on. In case you are in the midway with VIP switches off, you can collect it next time. You can also earn unlimited gems and gold by using mobile strike hack which is available online and free of cost.

How Pixel Gun 3d Guide Changed My Gaming Experience

I have heard a lot about the game Pixel Gun 3D, but it is not very long that I started playing it. The popularity of the game is soaring high because players of different age groups get indulged in playing this game. It goes without saying that this game is one of the most successful games, and it can be played in ranges of platforms. Many people often consider it addictive like Minecraft, and I would say that I like it more than that. There are several challenges that I have to undertake in the course of the game, and for that I have to collect loads of resources.

While playing the game, what I have realized is that if I am filled with resources, I can easily overcome different challenges. However, these resources like gems and coins are not easy to generate. Many players spend real money in order to acquire these gems, but I was never in favor of spending real money for the same. Moreover, it is not a one time affair, and I do not have budget to spend money every time for the sale of my pleasure and entertainment. Well, it was then that I came across the option of pixel gun 3d cheats.

I have heard many people using this tool, but I always refrained myself from using the same. As I realized that this tool is interesting and feature rich, I also thought of using it. The best part about this tool is that there is no question of spending any real money and it helps in generating unlimited resources completely for free. Probably, this is the main reason for which many people are using the tool to continue enjoying the game. As I stared my research on the internet, I found that the tool is easy to download and the process can be completed within a very short time.

I obtained the tool from a reliable site, which guaranteed that it was developed by expert programmers and designers. As a result, the tool was not only safe to use, but also no one would know about its use. Hence, I started using the tool and generated unlimited gems and cash required for the game. This in turn helped me to advance quickly into the next levels of the game, and I could overcome lots of challenges like never before. I could compete with other players and in a short time, I acquired one of the top ranking positions in the game.

Therefore, I would recommend all the interested players to start using the tool so that they can also utilize the benefits of the same. At the same time, I would also ask them to make sure that the site from which they are obtaining the tool is completely safe and reliable. Consequently, there will not be any question of banning from the authority or any kind of problem in the device. I feel glad of having used the tool and asking others to use it, as well.